Whipped Ricotta Toast

Whipped ricotta is so decadent yet so simple to make. It’s delicious on a thick slice of toasted bread. I add roasted garlic, salt, and pepper to the ricotta and then mix it all up in my food processor. It is the best whipped ricotta. I then spread a thick layer on a slice of baguette and top it with roasted tomatoes, shallots, and basil.

Toast isn’t just for breakfast! This tomato ricotta toast would be excellent for a light lunch or as a side dish with a salad. It could also be served as a hearty appetizer.


Let’s break down all the components for this ricotta tomato toast recipe.

  • Ricotta: I use part-skim ricotta whipped in the food processor. I season it with the roasted garlic, salt, and pepper.
  • Garlic: Roasting the garlic makes all the difference in this recipe. It’s so good! Start by cutting the top of the head off the whole thing of garlic, drizzle with olive oil, and wrap in foil. Then cook in a 400-degree oven for 45 minutes.


  • Swap the baguette for sourdough.
  • Use cherry tomatoes instead of grape tomatoes.
  • Sub fresh rosemary or oregano for basil.
  • Add red pepper flakes for some heat.