If you are fond of food and are in Delhi, then you must have visited Old Delhi. And if there are trips to Old Delhi, then the flavor of ‘Karim’ must have been taken. By the way, Karim has a lot of variety here, but one of them is such a flavor that you will find only in this shop. That is ‘mutton stew’. Although it is also available in chicken, but it looks like a more excellent mutton.

After going on the road just opposite Gate number one of Jama Masjid, after going down a very thin street, Karim restaurant will be seen. You cannot guess from outside that you are going towards a big history through a thin street. In the royal chef of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar Aziz was a cook and his son Haji Karimuddin started Karim.

You must have heard the roasted mutton but when you see the mutton stew of kareem, it is dissolved mutton. Mutton cooked for hours with standing spices and desi chillies. This is a special recipe which very few people are aware of. Even those who have different centers of Karim, the traditional recipe goes from the main kitchen. Combination of leavened bread with this stew is cool.

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Shiv Kumar tastes the taste of Old Delhi for the last several years. They go to many locations for different dishes. But, whenever you come here, eat stew. He says that its taste is such that the taste explodes as soon as it comes in the mouth and starts dissolving on the tongue like mutton. He has eaten this dish with many of his friends at Karim’s. It is being made here for many days.

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As soon as you enter Old Delhi, you have many options. Anyway, if you come here at any time, just look at the history with the flavors. It is not that in Old Delhi, the flavor of flavors is only for the non-vegetarians. You can walk to Chavadi market from here only on foot, where the sea of ​​vegetarian taste is spread. I will also visit you soon.