If you are in Delhi, then you will be careful and say ‘Chaat’. Because, as soon as you speak the chaat, ‘Daulat Ki Chaat’ will be presented in front of you. Yes! Daulat ki chaat is actually a dessert

By the way, on hearing the name of the chaat, it tastes like a peppery taste. Tamarind chutney, green mint chutney and then curmur kurmuri papadis and don’t what to do … But, if you are in Delhi, try it out and say ‘chaat’. Because, as soon as you speak the chaat, ‘Daulat Ki Chaat’ will be presented in front of you. Yes! Daulat ki chaat is actually a dessert. It is made with milk. It is found in the streets of Delhi only on cold days.

Royal way of presenting is:

From morning time, the chaat of wealth increases in the streets and is present in the streets. Sugar, like a sweet foam like foam, fresh mawa and a sprinkling of ice on it… is not a stop now… finely chopped layers of pistachios and pieces of almonds and all of them tasted of saffron juice. This will really give you a great experience. This royalness connects it with ‘Daulat’ because in the early times only the rich people ate it.

History is also special:

Wealth of chaat is made from milk, but it requires a different style to make it. But, do you know from where this recipe reached India. Yes, this rape came to India from Afghanistan. However, the milk used to make it in the olden times was not horse or buffalo milk but horse milk. Not only this, it was also used to cure many diseases with taste. Along with Arab traders, this chaat reached India and came to Delhi and became a chaat of wealth.

People are blown plate by plate:

Ranjit Paswan has been living in Delhi for four years. He says that when he first heard the name of Daulat ki Chaat, a different picture had emerged in his mind. But, after that when they reached the shop, in fact even after eating this, the number of chaat will come, keep thinking. Later, he came to know that he ate the chaat. He had a different statement after eating sweet and fragrant sweets like foam. He said that he had not eaten anything like this before.

Along with this, Smita, who hails from Lucknow, told that there is also a meeting in the city of Nawabs there but the name is Malayo. Perhaps the name of Daulat through the royal kitchen reached Lucknow and changed the name. But, the flavor is very special for Delhi’s wealth. Those who sell it say that making it is an art in itself and it takes time. It is not possible to do the same chaat every time.

So, if you are ready for Delhi, then enjoy the chaat of wealth. Fill with leaves with a wooden spoon, just take care that your mouth does not blow away.