Cuisine from various regions of China are on the menu at new Eastern Market restaurant Bunny Bunny.

Opening Wednesday for carryout only, it’s the latest project from chefs Justin Tootla and Jennifer Jackson, and it’s one of two new spots they’re working on.

The culinary team was last seen at Voyager, an award-winning seafood restaurant in Ferndale. With Bunny Bunny, they’ll delve deep into Chinese food and American-style Chinese food, something they’ve wanted to bring to their Detroit neighborhood for a while.

The menu will be broken into regions. From north China, the menu will showcase cumin lamb with onions, garlic and chilis and pai huang gua, a smashed cucumber dish served cold with cloud ear mushrooms in chili oil. Eastern Chinese dishes include pork and chive dumplings, stir-fried duck and salt-and-pepper tofu.

Twice-cooked pork, dry-fried eels and potato thread salad are listed for central China and wonton noodle soup, sweet and sour pork, Hainan chicken and rice and beef chow fun is on the southern portion of the menu.